About Us


About Us


Pittsburgh Embossing Services Has One Purpose...



... to buy and sell refurbished plastic card embossing, encoding, thermal printing and related equipment, parts and supplies.  PES covers the United States as well as international markets.  We ship world-wide. 


Although PES specializes in Datacard brand equipment, some of our other areas of interest include Matica, NBS, Spartanics, Dynetics and much more.  PES can supply used parts for many equipment applications at significant savings over new.  Also, PES can emboss, encode, tip and thermal print your organization’s plastic cards.


Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services that meet our customer’s needs.  We are in business to serve our customers.  Without them, we have no business.





Who Is Jesus and Why is He a part of Our Business?


 Jesus Christ has changed my life.  Now it's not all about me, but about how I can glorify Him in the way I conduct business. So, we do that by providing the highest quality products and services that meet our customer's needs.


  John W. Milhoan, Founder